‘A little bit of everything’ after 37 years

       American pressed glass, picture frames, old tobacco cans, postal scales, a zither guitar… Mary Hillmer stands in the midst of the Art’s Antiques store she started with her husband Arthur in 1970.
Westside Pioneer photo
       Mary Hillmer, standing inside her Art's Antiques store, 1916 W. Colorado Ave., looked around proudly and said, “There's a little bit of everything here.”
       Milk cans, license plates, meat platters, music boxes, 1800s books, lamps, basin pitchers…
       It all goes back to 1970, when the business opened at its current location. “My husband (Arthur) loved antiques,” she said. “He kept buying and buying. He'd bring something home and I'd clean it and put it out.”
       Depression glass, Avon cars and bottles, dolls, bisques, records, scarves, sewing materials…
       The three rooms are piled high with goods. There are also drawers full of items. “People have a field day when they come in here,” Hillmer said.
       Cherry pitters, mink stoles, African statues, German mugs, English plates, cut glass, Haviland dishes, vases, beads, lace…
       “I've got a lot of things,” she said. “All I need is customers.”
       Pattern glass, jewelry, cups and saucers, brass door knobs, Victorian enamel, masks, mirrors, paintings, silverware…
       She's not buying any more antiques right now, though. “I'd like to sell what I've got,” Hillmer said.
       The business is open afternoons Tuesday through Saturday.
       The phone is 634-4258.

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