Street to become Lower Gold Camp Road
Norris-Penrose is only address to change

       Currently, after driving about half a mile, people going east on Lower Gold Camp Road from 21st Street find themselves on Rio Grande Street without having made a turn. Meanwhile, after about the same distance, drivers going east on Rio Grande Street from 21st arrive at a T-intersection, where if they go left they are on Lower Gold Camp Road and if they go right they stay on Rio Grande.
       The city wants to change that. A proposal is being processed by City Planning that would rename Rio Grande to Lower Gold Camp from the T-intersection east to Eighth Street. That would give the street one name from there to 26th Street.
       No major opposition is anticipated. Only one developed property, the Norris-Penrose Event Center, has Rio Grande for an address. And the one concern there - that Norris-Penrose and its owner, the non-profit Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo Foundation, would have to throw away about $3,000 worth of stationery and envelopes imprinted with the current address - has been allayed by a City Planning agreement that the change doesn't need to take effect until September '09.
       “I can see where they're coming from,” said Bill Miller, the Norris-Penrose manager. “You get that around town, streets with three different names.”
       A benefit of the name change, he also noted, will be to simplify giving directions to people trying to find the facility.
       “We just want to get it processed so that it is all set up to happen on a certain date in the future,” explained Heather Rose of City Planning. “We don't want to wait too long in case any other parcel (which I believe there is only one) develops along this street and then have to coordinate the street name change when it gets more complicated.”
       The name change will eventually have to be approved by City Planning Commission. Norris-Penrose would get to keep its street number (1045).
       The situation arose when a road connection was built between Rio Grande and 21st about six years ago as part of the Crown Hill Mesa development. Initially, that segment was called Fountain Boulevard (reminiscent of a long-ago plan to connect that street over to the Westside), but the city decided to continue the Lower Gold Camp name east of 21st.
       The new name won't end all confusion for that stretch of road. On the east side of the stoplight at Eighth Street, it becomes Abbott Street (which continues until dead- ending at I-25). And west of 26th Street, going into the mountains, it's Gold Camp Road.

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