Cimarron bridge’s full opening seen Sept. 8

       Sept. 8 is the new date for the full opening of the Cimarron bridge over Conejos Street and the railroad tracks.
       That's when two lanes each way will be restored to the major span between the Westside and downtown. The original schedule had called for Aug. 25, but a late change order adding a pavement overlay to the older Cimarron bridge (just west of the new one, going over Fountain Creek) added 10 days to the project, said Mary Scott of City Public Communica-tions.
       The change order was driven in part by the realization that the new bridge would contrast too sharply with the old one unless they both had fresh pavement, she explained.
       The new bridge has been open partially since May 22, allowing two to three lanes of traffic. This configuration has let workers for the contractor, Lawrence Construction, finalize the project without being endangered by passing vehicles.
       The full opening will additionally feature bike lanes, turn lanes, raised medians, sidewalks, lighting and historic design touches matching those on the Bijou bridge.
       Some landscaping and signage work may still remain at that point, but should not impact traffic, Scott said.
       No opening ceremony is scheduled as yet - one was held for the partial opening - but could occur later in the month, she added.
       The last time the site had four lanes of traffic was August 2006, when a huge pothole appeared in the old bridge and traffic was cut to two lanes. Eventually, the previous structure was demolished. Lawrence started work Nov. 1. The $8.57 million project is funded through the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) one-cent sales tax.

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