District 11 Westside school staff listed

       The following lists each school, address, principal (in parentheses), phone number and new educational staff.

       Bristol - 890 N. Walnut St. (Manuel Ramsey), 328-4000... Carole Arnesen, kindergarten; Gwen Robinson, second; Rick Spruce, fifth; Sandy Weitz, special education (SPED); Joni Barta, part-time parent coordinator/counselor; Shirley Vai, library technology teacher (LTT), replacing Darcy Mazel, who is now library technology educator (LTE); Kathy Marin, literary resource teacher (LRT); Pamela Darbonne, teacher assistant; Rhonda Holhauser, interventionist.
       Buena Vista Montessori - 924 Pikes Peak Ave. (David Brilliant), 328-4100... Karen Cottrell, library technology educator (LTE); Ellyn Feldman, speech pathologist; Candace Lee, SPED aide.
       Howbert - 1023 N. 31st St. (Gail Smartt-DeRousse), 328-4200... DeRousse, principal; Lisa Houda, kindergarten assistant; Maria Hiett, fourth grade; Cheryl Staeben, gifted; Jenny North, SPED. (NOTE: Kari Fogle, who was the SPED teacher, died of breast cancer Aug. 6, and is mourned by the school.)
       Jackson - 4340 Edwinstowe Ave. (Anne Dancy), 328-5800... Jeannette Ingram, third & fourth; Lynn Maher, fourth & fifth; Carol Randall, gifted; Lindsay Rust, preschool; Anita Troughton, SPED aide; Kurt Bakken, part-time art (assisting volunteer Jackie Robbie); Hector Flores, fifth. NOTE: The date for Jackson's open house date was incorrect in the Aug. 13 Westside Pioneer. It will be Sept. 1 at 6:30 p.m.
       Midland - 2110 W. Broadway St. (Robyn Colbert), 328-4500... (New staff not quite finalized.)
       West - 25 N. 20th St. (Terry Martinez), 328-4900... (NOTE: Because this is West Elementary's first year, all its educational staff members are listed here.) Kay Farran, first; Val Rudy, first/second; Denise Gutierrez, second; Jane Malmquist, second; Cathy Houin, third; Connie Maier, third; Jean Wittic, fourth; Mike Hedges, fourth; Brian Holcombe, fifth; Jennifer Shaw, fifth; Kevin Siemers, art; Rob Rodine, band/orchestra/guitar; Connie Rush, cafeteria assistant; Theresa Casey, cafeteria manager; Melody Collins-Bass, Community Liaison; Ann Shargel, Eagles teacher; Mary Miller, Eagles aide; Marianne Tucker, English Language Learning (ELL) teacher; Maria Floyd ELL aide; Karon Burch, Mary Macafee and Rose Bennett, front office assistants; Tracy Titus, gifted resource teacher (GRT); Beth Arrowsmith, Susan Sparks, Betsy Buerk and Marti Wilshusen, kindergarten; Brian Barnes, Kristie Wilson, Louana Prunty, kinder aides; Cheryl Linthicum, LTT; Ginny Beaudreau, LRT; Janet Smee LTE; Ann Yenne, PE; Sharon Reuth, preschool; Delena Brooker, reading teacher; Shawn Hayes and Julie Walker, social workers; Ann Spaeth, Dot Cain, Dyann Smith, Jane Hook, Sarah Meider, Shannon Smith, Celia Molner, Jeff Gorman, Allison Foster, SPED; Carolyn Coker, vocal music/chimes.

A series of reading-oriented photos were shot for Holmes Middle School last year by Apre Designer Portraits, posters of which can still be viewed in the school library. Principal Rob Utter is featured above.
Apre Designer Portraits photo


       Holmes - 2455 Mesa Rd. (Rob Utter), 328-3800 Stephanie Aaron, eighth - math; Valerie Foiles, eighth - language arts; Jackie Swank, eighth - language arts/social studies; Brenda Yohn, seventh - math/science; Jeremiah Fowler, instrumental music; Laurie Gabriel, orchestra; Debra Kirkendall, choir/drama; Juanita Doan, educational assistant.
       West, 1920 W. Pikes Peak Ave. (Clay Gomez), 328-3900... Justin Weickum 8th - science; Matt Pacione, 8th - math; Ann Wolf, SAIL coordinator; Britt Fansburg, SAIL social studies; Deb Shipley, SAIL language arts; Melissa Light-Branch, math; Piper Stacey, counselor.

       Coronado - 1590 W. Fillmore St. (Susan Humphrey), 328-3600... Jennifer Wilfong consumer/family science; Sally Jergensen, counselor; Debra Head, Grant Stoughton, Leticia Burr, English; Michelle Petrash, math; Richard Kusk, orchestra; Amber Curry, PE; Sarah Jacobs, social studies; Karen Zalmanek, Thomas Murphy, Genise Steinbach, SPED; Joseph Souvignier, Spanish.
       Bijou - 2904 W. Kiowa St. (Wayne Hutchison), 328-7900 Deborah Boisselle, SPED; Pat Allen, counselor; Jeff Bryant, art; Chris Earls, social studies/PE.

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