Volunteering family adopts PV’s 31st Street drainage

       Carrying trash bags, a few dozen Shoptaugh family members picked up trash in Pleasant Valley's 31st Street drainage (Camp Creek) Aug. 14 in their first cleanup foray since recently “adopting” the roughly one-mile stretch.

Some of the Shoptaugh family members look for trash in the 31st Street drainage on and below the Water Street bridge Aug. 14.
Westside Pioneer photo

       The Shoptaughs have agreed with the city to pick up litter in the drainage at least twice annually for the coming two years, explained Frank Shop-taugh.
       Growing up in the Woodmen Valley area in the 1960s, he had been one of 10 children. On Aug. 14, with the help of his siblings and their spouses and children, he estimated the number coming to the workday at close to 50 people.
       After meeting initially at Howbert School, they deployed from either end of the drainage and met in the middle.
       The family has a history of volunteering - including Silver Key and city flower beds - so it was no surprise that a civic-pride sort of idea arose as a way to celebrate the 80th birthday of Frank's mother Joey. “She's very, very big on keeping the family together,” he said. “So we wanted to do something with more meaning than a balloon or something like that.”
       The choice of Pleasant Valley stems from Frank's childhood, when he had an aunt who lived in that neighborhood. “We always went over there, and we know the area,” he said.

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