Open Gold Camp Road
       Open the Gold Camp Road. I'm tired of the treehuggers, bicylists, hikers and the NIMBY newcomers who knew what was there when they bought their properties. If they want things like where they came from, let them go back there and stop trying to close or change our history and historic sites.
       Why do we taxpayers have to lose our right to the use of the road and forest to subsidize the elitist few's property values at taxpayers' expense? Not all of us can hike, bike, or wheelchair on the road due to age, health, disabilities etc. Driving is also a recreational pursuit. We keep getting taxed for “Trails and Open Space,” Red Rock Canyon has been opened for hikers, bicyclists, horses, etc., but no vehicles. (How many bicylists actually use the new bike trails? Many of them still use the streets and impede vehicular traffic.) Let them use the new parks and trails.
       I say no compromises under the “Federal Americans with Disiablities Act.” Access is not to be denied.
       Because it is a federal toll road, the Forest Service has the responsibility to maintain it and keep it up to to the federal regulations that state “the buyer of a toll road must maintain it.”

Marc “Caveman” Hament