EDITOR’S DESK: Invite Bill and Ted to the Crawl?

       One of my favorite movies (OK, I'm probably revealing too much here) is “Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure.” Honestly, I think it should be shown, as a motivational tool on the first day of every high school history class. But I digress. There's a line in the movie, spoken by Ted after his teacher asks him what he has learned that semester, that pretty much sums up what the movie is all about. “The world,” Ted intones with great sincerity, “is full of history.”
       Substitute "Westside" for "world," and that line could apply here just as well. Between the Old Colorado City Historical Society's Founders' Day and Fairview Cemetery Crawl this month, a person can get a pretty fair sense of what this area is all about. Oh sure, all you New Englanders and Deep Southers, I know your history goes back 400 years, but so what. We had the gold rush and Laura Belle McDaniel, and we've still got Pikes Peak. What do you say to that?...
       This issue includes our second "trolley" article in two weeks. Last week's was about the volunteer group trying to bring back the electric streetcars that last ran on the Westside 72 years ago. This week's article is about the current low point in the Manitou Springs trolley bus saga. What do you think about this information? Letters, phone calls and e-mails are welcome.

- K.J.