‘Excellent’ progress in first day of Intemann-Red Rock link project

       Despite cool weather and intermittently misting rain, about 50 volunteers joined Colorado Springs Parks staff in building roughly half of a planned trail link between Red Rock Canyon Open Space and Section 16's Intemann Trail Aug. 14. A crew employs a come-along to pull a scrub oak out by the
roots during the Intemann Trail-Red Rock Canyon link workday Aug. 14.
Westside Pioneer photo
       City Parks Development Manager Chris Lieber, who led one of the trail-building groups, said afterward that “everyone did a great job.”
       In all, he said, more than 1,00 feet of trail were built. The overall length of the link is measured at 2,200 feet - a little less than half a mile.
       The link, which will connect the open space with county and national park land, follows a gradual uphill near the rim of a scenic canyon that extends from Red Rock into Section 16.
       Much of the route traverses an intermittent forest of scrub oak and mountain mahogany. In addition to clearing a path, volunteers had to uproot dozens of the bushes with hand tools and come-alongs. A break in the clouds during that afternoon allowed a
slightly foggy view southeast from the link.
Westside Pioneer photo
       City Parks joined with the volunteer Intemann Trail Committee (ITC) on the project. The city has scheduled a follow-up workday in hopes of completing the link Saturday, Sept. 24. Also, the ITC tentatively plans to work on the link at its regular monthly workday Sept. 17.

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