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Grade realignments to close Fillmore at I-25 interchange for two weekends

SEMA Construction workers are shown during the concrete pour for the first of two new bridges at Fillmore/I-25 in early August.
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       The latest phase in building a new Fillmore/I-25 interchange will require closing Fillmore Street there on consecutive weekends (Aug. 21-24 and Aug. 28-31).
       This will allow the contractor, SEMA Construction, to realign Fillmore's grade at either end of the interchange to match the intentionally greater height of the new bridges, explained Ted Tjerandsen of Wilson & Company, a project consultant for the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT).
       The work will include new curb and gutter and all but the last 2-inch topcoat of pavement, which won't be laid until the end of the project, he said.
       The west side of the interchange will be worked on the first weekend, the east side the second. In conjunction with that plan, the interchange's southbound ramps will be closed the first weekend and the northbound ramps the second.
       The scheduled closure times both weekends will be 9 p.m. Friday to 5 a.m. Monday. Alternate routes are suggested.
       Before the Fillmore/I-25 work started last February, CDOT had foreseen no Fillmore Street closures during the project. However, with wet spring weather slowing the schedule, SEMA regained lost time by three overnight closures - July 12 amd 13 and Aug. 4 - to expedite the laying of girders and a concrete pour for the first of the two new interchange bridges.
       For the grade realignment, SEMA proposed the weekend closure plan, and “CDOT is behind it 100 percent,” Tjerandsen said. The alternative would have been about two months of incremental work, requiring frequent lane reductions slowing traffic, he said.
       Unlike the overnight closures, the interstate will remain open at Fillmore during the weekend work.
       On the west side of the interchange, the new bridge level is 4 feet higher than at present, and on the east side it's 1˝ feet. A benefit of that is lessening the steepness of the Fillmore Hill west of the interchange.
       This goal was also planned into the design of the Chestnut Street project, funded by the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA) just west of the interchange in 2013. SEMA's regrading work will marry up with the RTA pavement near the driveway into the Waffle House, about 40 feet east of the Fillmore/Chestnut stoplight, Tjerandsen said.
       Already built to the correct grade, in concrete/asphalt work by SEMA several weeks ago, is the access from Fillmore to the southbound on-ramp, he said.
       The concrete has been curing since Aug. 4 on the new Fillmore bridge (just south of its old bridge). Its opening date has not yet been determined, but that could occur by mid-September, according to Tjerandsen. The new interchange will have two bridges, about 20 feet apart. The old bridge will continue in use until the second new bridge is built later this year.
       The overall completion target is June 2016.

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(Posted 8/19/15; Transportation: Fillmore/I-25)

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