Home construction getting started in Indian Heights

       Whether it's called the Alta Mira or Indian Heights subdivision, work has been umistakeably visible at the sloping northeast corner of King and 19th streets since June of last year.
       In recent weeks, with the land shaped and utilities in the ground, construction has started on the first 5 of what will eventually be 43 single-family homes on the 15- acre property. Completion of those homes is anticipated this winter, explained Frank Moore, the real estate agent for the development. “More will be built as we sell,” he added.
       Possibly to avoid confusion with three other Westside projects with “Indian” in the name - Indian Hills Village, Indian Heights Casitas (under construction at the southwest corner of King and 19th) and Indian Mesa -Alta Mira had become the generally used name for the subdivision during the past year. However, Indian Heights is still the legal name, and its homes and lots will be marketed as such, Moore said.
       He also detailed the construction approach. The 27 lots on the west side of the main street, Ethereal Circle (originally named Mountain Mahogany Drive), will be developed as 1,300- or 1500-square-foot ranch-style homes with unfinished basements that, when finished, could double the living space. The 16 building sites on the east side - sitting higher on the slope - will be sold as individual lots for custom homes. Lot sizes are mostly between 7,000 and 9,000 square feet, with one at 22,000, Moore said.
       Home prices will start around $350,000. Lot prices will start in the low $100,000 range, he said.

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