COBWEB CORNERS: My new answer

By Mel McFarland

       Well, this week I have a commercial for you. Over at the Old Colorado City History Center, on 24th Street, you can now pick up a little booklet I did for them. Over the years, many questions have been asked about Colorado City and the mills and the railroads. I was asked if I could put together a little bit of information about them. I finished it recently and I would like to let you know it is ready.
       It is not a big book, and it does not go into details very far, but it does explain a few things. There are a few pictures, only a taste, and only enough to help explain some of the points of interest. Maybe someday I will do another book on the Midland that explains more of the details that I have learned in the 20 years since my last one came out. Anyway, it will at least be something they can use to explain how Colorado City could have been the industrial center it was.
       There was one industry I am still curious about, and that was a stove company. In addition, its owners may have made other things as well. It started in about 1906. It had a location near the railroad line on Cucharras, but just where, I have yet to discover. It may have been as far away as what was for many years an oil bulk plant down off of South 10th. Somehow it does not show up in any of the odd lists of the industries of the time.
       I also want to thank those of you who call the paper, or pass notes along here, or over at the museum, about something I said in an article. Part of my reason for doing this rambling series of tales is to stir the memories of some of you. One of these individuals was LaRue Ebersole, a fine gentleman with more than a reasonable knowledge of our history. Every now and then he remembered something that was mentioned here, and had just a bit more of information to share. We will treasure knowing him, and already mourn his passing. I wonder how many people who met him as he volunteered at the museum had the slightest idea just how much he had seen of the history that has happened around here.