Road work to follow grading in CSHP’s project off Fillmore

       Extensive grading for the future site of the Colorado Springs Health Partners (CSHP) medical complex has been continuing since February on the hilly slopes south of the intersection of Fillmore Street and Centennial Boulevard.
       By the end of August, the schedule calls for work to begin on storm drains and utilities, followed in September-October by grading for streets and, by year's end, the completion of road paving within the 44-acre property, according to Lynn Jones of CSHP.
       Cut-and-fill work has been particularly necessary on the southwest corner of the hilly property, which required 800,000 yards of fill dirt at the outset.
       Eventual plans call for a 110,000-square-foot medical center, but with CSHP still leasing space downtown, no dates have been set to begin building construction, Jones said.
       The road work will include completion of a quarter-mile of Centennial Boulevard south of Fillmore - although it will just be a dead end for the time being. The road is mapped out to connect at some point with the Fontanero interchange at I-25.

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