EDITORíS DESK: The Westside in the news

       A lot going on, as can be seen by our front page this issue.
       Good Times Car Show. Some annual events become big hits in Old Colorado City, and this is definitely one of them. During the six hours that the vehicles are on display, there is never a shortage of people strolling by to look at them. I think a big part of the appeal is a sense of admiration at the individual pluck that led so many of these people to restore the cars they love, despite the work and expense involved.
       USA Pro Challenge, Stage 5. Last year's Prologue was a set event, with racers going one after the other along a 5.2-mile time trial route. This year, we'll see rolling blockades as police accompany riders through the Westside and on to the downtown's three-loop finish. So it appears that the traffic impacts will be shorter and less profound than last year's event, which really did nothing for Colorado Avenue businesses (except cost them half a day's trade). It will also be more like a race. Having pedaled over 100 miles before arriving in the Springs, the riders will undoubtedly be fagged by the time they get here. So it will be interesting to see who can summon one last triumphant sprint.
       The Pinery. The owners are back with bigger plans than before. The promise of a thriving business and a "magnificent" design are welcome to hear for a hilltop property that's been ravaged by vandals for years. But getting up the hill still requires traversing tight neighborhood streets. And now the plan to tear down the time-honored house at 122 Hill St.? Let's see what comes out of the neighborhood meeting.
       Schools working with fire victims. This is unknown territory for just about everybody involved - how often does a forest fire blast inexplicably through a subdivision? - but what a statement about our community, the help that's come forward already.

- K.J.