Manitou business opens store in Old Town

       A long-time import clothing shop in Manitou Springs has opened a second storefront in Old Colorado City. Piramide owners Tom and Cyndi Fallon stand inside their new Piramide Boutique store at 2516 W. Colorado Ave. 
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       Tom and Cyndi Fallon are now operating the Piramide Boutique, 2516 W. Colorado Ave., in addition to the Piramide (pronounced peer-ah-mih-day) Clothing Company they started about a quarter of a century ago in Manitou.
       The expansion includes the Fallons' purchase of the 2516 building itself. “We've been looking for years for a place we could purchase,” Tom Fallon said. The one- story structure was built in 1935.
       A grand opening, including live Irish music, is scheduled Friday, Aug. 22 from 6 to 8 p.m.
       The Fallons import particularly from India and Bali and are introducing a line from Bolivia, Fallon said. Often using cottage industries, Piramide follows fair trade rules, which means that the workers in the import countries are treated properly, he noted.
       A big reason for a second store was the need for more space. The Manitou site has about 1,300 square feet, the same as Old Colorado City's, but (unlike Manitou) the new Piramide has another 500 square feet of storage and office space.
       Fallon doesn't think the two stores will hurt each other, even though they are only a few miles apart. “I felt the retail environment is different enough where they wouldn't really overlap,” he said. “We have a lot of customers on the Westside - about 1,500 people on our mailing list are in the 04, 05 and 06 zip codes. And a lot of people have told us they don't come to Manitou Springs in the summertime because of the parking.”
       He described Old Colorado City as a “good location” with “supportive merchants… It's got good galleries and restaurants - in some ways it's more upscale than Manitou.”
       Rocky Mountain Embroidery had been in the 2516 building for 28 years. Its owners decided to retire, Fallon said.
       The Old Colorado City Piramide is open daily. The phone is 475-8121.

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