Meet a Westsider:
Libby Weinstein

Profession/Occupation... I started my own business a year ago called Grateful Inspiration, Inc. I teach FUNFIT. which is a once-a- week class for moms and tots, where we sing and dance and run around and play with parachutes and balls and musical instruments and hoops and just enjoy one another! Itís so much fun to be around the young parents and their energetic babies! Itís not just my business, itís my THERAPY!

What I like most about the Westside is... the relaxed, laid back attitude. Itís charming and has a small-town friendliness that reminds me a lot of the Midwest, where I was born and raised. Itís a complete 180 from the Washington, DC area from which we moved five years ago!

If I could change anything about the Westside, it would be... for people to stop littering!! Iíve actually seen people throw things from their window when theyíre driving or drop stuff on the sidewalks when theyíre walking! Itís SO RUDE!

A good movie Iíve seen recently is... I very rarely see current movies in the theater, but two of my favorites to rent are ďLife as a HouseĒ with Kevin Kline and ďThe Fastest IndianĒ with Anthony Hopkins. Theyíre very inspiring.

The worst advice Iíve ever gotten was... ďJust wait.Ē Life is short. Do something you love NOW!

If I could meet someone famous, Iíd like to meet... Thatís very hard, but I think Iíd love to just sit back and chat for a bit with Bob Dylan. His singing voice is not one that a lot of people enjoy, but his poetry is of the best in modern times, in my opinion. Heís kind of like the spokesperson for my generation.

The next time I travel, Iím going to... Philadelphia in September for a wedding, but I wish I could go to a beach somewhere! Put on my flip flops, a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and just sit in a chair and read and listen to that wonderful sound and smell those great smells... ahhhh.

My favorite childhood memory is... sleep-away camp with my best buddies on the Tippecanoe River at Camp Tecumseh in Delphi, Indiana. It was something to look forward to each summer!

My favorite summer pastime is... to do ANYTHING outside! The weather here is so nice! Even if itís cold, itís usually sunny.

Something good Iíve read is.. Iím on Book Five of Stephen Kingís ďDark TowerĒ series. I didnít know I could read that much of him at once, but I love it!

My pet peeve is... when people leave their pets in the car while they run errands.

If I won the lottery, Iíd... buy a little house right on the beach in North Carolina, pay for college for my granddaughter and donate to charitable organizations that benefit children.

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