Angled intersection needs changing
       Last Wednesday two cyclists died and one senior citizen went straight to a living hell. We were in our yard and the street light was already on and it was drizzling. We watched as emergency vehicles descended on the corner of 26th Street and Westend Avenue a block away.
       There is a sad memorial on that corner with flowers, pictures and tears and many visitors. We have had a hard time sleeping. Then Saturday the Gazette came out with the headline [quoting a city traffic engineer]: “Not a correctable accident!”
       What rubbish. The engineer is only about 20 years out of touch. Back then, 26th Street was a main thoroughfare, climbing into scenic country vistas with hair-pin curves, What happened? That corner is not just a left turn onto Westend. It is now the thoroughfare that has most of the traffic. Even the ambulances and fire trucks going to Village of Skyline use Westend and wind up Wheeler rather than take that old “scenic route!”
       The whole accident would have been avoided if the city got out a post-bole digger and planted a little stop sign at the site of the “memorial.” There is nothing to warn bikes or drivers that suddenly the beautiful descent on 26th Street is entering a very busy neighborhood! Let us all escape the dangers of trying to enter 26th Street blind. Give us all some safety here!

Audrey Ward