Westside has 14 condemned buildings at present

       The city lists 14 Westside addresses with buildings that have been condemned. One recent addition to the list is 2905 W. Platte Ave., where the entire property has been fenced off because people were living in the yard after the house was condemned, according to City Code Enforcement Administrator Ken Lewis.
       In all, the city has“about 50 active cases” on the Westside in which health and safety are major concerns, he said, elaborating that these do not include locations where people might have been asked to deal with lesser code violations, such as tall weeds.
       Lewis said that Code Enforcement (which is an arm of the Police Department) has fallen behind on some cases because of an injury to the officer who typically works the Westside (Mary Jane Lujan broke her arm) and the resignation of the contractor whose job was to come in and clean up properties when owners have failed to do so. The city is trying to fill the contractor position. Applications are being taken until Aug. 28, Lewis said.
       When buildings have been condemned, the city has a process for requiring property owners to make them habitable, or at least presentable. Lewis explained that the process can take time, because the city ordinance gives owners opportunities to show progress in implementing repairs before legal action is taken against them. The enforcement priority is based on the extent of potential danger, he pointed out.
       Condemnations can occur for various reasons - common ones are no utilities, structural issues, filthiness or if the building had formerly been a methamphetamine lab, Lewis said.
       The following is a list of the 14 current condemned-building addresses (year of construction, as taken from Assessor's Office records, is in parentheses):
       2905 W. Platte Ave. (1899)
       1231 W Cucharras St. (1895)
       115 S. Eighth St. (1888)
       1326 W. Kiowa St. (1899)
       715 N. 24th St. (1909)
       115 S. 24th St. (1899)
       724-726 W. Platte Ave. duplex (1937)
       15 N. 25th St. (1899)
       1705 W. Colorado Ave. (1903).
       Note: The above address was used as a hide-out Aug. 13 by a man wanted for jumping bond on a felony theft charge.
       1522 Manitou Blvd. (1953)
       2123 ½ W. Colorado Ave. (1922)
       110 S. 10th St. (uncertain)
       2922 Straus Ln. (1983)
       1000 Arch St. (1951)
       A house that had been condemned at 11 N. 17th St. was recently taken off the list, as a result of being demolished by the new owner, who has applied to the city for variances that would let him construct a new house on the site.
       For more information, call Code Enforcement at 444-7890.

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