‘Overwhelmed with gratitude’
       I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the helpful hands (i.e. volunteers) that have come in the last couple of days. If you were in the building three days ago, and saw it today [Aug. 11], you would say “Miracles Happen!” Because of a valiant effort on the part of our friends, staff members and their families, district administration volunteers, Boy Scouts (Troop 88), and even volunteers from the neighborhood that read the call for help in the Westside Pioneer newspaper, the place now show signs of being ready for Tuesday's students. We are not there yet, but now the end is in sight! If you still want to come and share a little sweat equity, there is still plenty to do, so please come on by!”

Terry Martinez, West Elementary Principal

Editor's note: The school entrance is at 25 N. 20th St.