COBWEB CORNERS: Dairies were once all around us

By Mel McFarland

       Driving up and down Colorado Avenue things have certainly changed. Do you remember the old Scotland Pride dairy? It was all over town in the 50's and 60's. That brought me to thinking about dairies. You can still see hints of the large dairy that provided milk at Sinton Dairy up near 1-25, but all of the old farm buildings are gone.
       Dairies were big business all around Colorado Springs a hundred years ago. The remains of a few of them can still be found. One of the largest dairies in the region was Sinton. It was organized by four brothers in 1880. The brothers bought a small farm in south Colorado Springs. Over the years Sinton bought out several other milk producers. In 1906, the company was incorporated. In 1907, it introduced pasteurization to Colorado. Another dairy, the Rustic Home Dairy, was purchased by Sinton's that same year. The Bates, Hassler and DeCoursey ranches became part of the Sinton farm network. The Bates Ranch is now largely part of Fort Carson. These were all south and east of Colorado Springs. Part of the Holland Dairy in northwest Colorado Springs became the Sinton Road facility. The mule barn near 1- 25 and B street was part of Sinton's dairy system too.
       There were several other dairies in the area, including IXL, Mowrey, and Carlson-Frink. The Huff Brothers served the Westside. Mowrey later became part of the Meadow Gold system.
       Area milk producers provided raw milk for all of these companies. Stratton Home even had its own milk cows! Several of the big barns can be found if you know where to look, but for the most part they too are being torn down to build houses. Today the small producers are mostly gone, replaced by the larger companies.The farms with dairy herds are farther and farther away. As you pick up that quart or gallon of milk at the store, its path to that time is getting longer and longer.
       Oh, there was even a Midland Creamery, but I do not think it was connected to the railroad. It is a bit funny, how some old memories may not be all that old, they just seem that way.