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Old Colorado City Good Times Car Show, Aug. 17 - photos

Blake Sanders' considerably customized 1948 Jeep/Willys is in the foreground, next to a 1942 Chevrolet pickup with a rust-effect exterior belonging to Jim Badgely. Asked about how his restoration work made the Jeep look so different from its original appearance, Sanders replied, "I don't do stock." The vehicles were among about 400 - covering nearly a century of vehicles - that mostly private owners brought to the 23rd annual event. The show is sponsored by three local car clubs as a benefit for Canine Companions, a national nonprofit that provides trained dogs for people with disabilities.
LEFT: Over the six-hour time frame of the 23rd annual display in Old Colorado City, the number of browsers at the free event numbered in the usual thousands. RIGHT: Dave Rasmussen's restored 1923 Ford "T" Speedster.

LEFT: A 1951 Crossley Super Sedan was customized by Reincarnation Auto, in the spirit of the cars in old-time police-movie comedies. The badge on the door says "Special Officer." On the back of the car is the inscription, "Keystone Kops." RIGHT: Onlookers had a double-take to the passenger in the Crossley's back seat - a fit for the words on the car's right and left rear panels: "K-9 Unit." The car was definitely in keeping with the event's charitable cause: Canine Companions.
A customized street rod neighbors several restored classics originally built roughly three quarters of a century ago on the north side of Colorado Avenue's 2500 block.

LEFT: A repainted 1963 Chevy Nova sports a supercharger coming up through the front hood. RIGHT: This bright red 1939 Chevy Coupe was brought to the event by Kent Carlson.

LEFT: Bob Bee's well-cared-for1947 Ford convertible stood out at the event. RIGHT: The car's stock dashboard and steering wheel.

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