Many bicyclists act ‘arrogant’
       Read your commentary in this past issue of the Westside Pioneer [“Plan needs a better plan,” Editor's Desk, Aug. 4]. Sounds like sharrows are going to be pushed through just like Obamacare through Congress!
       A good many bicyclists are arrogant and think they are above the rest of us. They don't obey traffic rules like the rest of us must. They should be licensed if they want to ride on the city streets. They need to stop for red lights and stop signs. They need to ride on the right side of the street. (Who was the idiot who started this business of riding facing traffic? They must have a death wish.)
       Bicyclists say they pay a tax each time they buy a bicycle. So do we when we buy a car, but we still must license our vehicle EVERY year.
       Where are their headlights, tail-lights, reflective tape, reflectors?
       Turning left from 26th onto Colorado Avenue, a bicycle rider yelled at us because we got too close. But he came through the red light. Traveling east on Pikes Peak Avenue, we saw a bicycle rider go through three stop signs without even slowing down or stopping. Several times traveling 30th Street towards Garden of the Gods Road, we've come around a curve and a car is halfway into our lane because they're passing a bicycle. (Isn't it a traffic law that you don't pass on a double yellow line? This business of sharrows on 30th Street is asinine.)
       How about bicycle riders riding in single file, not two and three abreast? I could go on and on and on.
       I thought the majority ruled, not the minor elite.

Eugene and Nancy Orner