EDITORíS DESK: Filling up the calendar

       Busy times coming up for us Westsiders. We've got Founders' Day stuff Friday night, Aug. 12 at the History Center and all day the 13th at Bancroft Park. Speaking of the 12th, local historian Lew Archer will be talking about one of my favorite Westside historical figures, Irving Howbert, whose diverse life found him at different times soldiering, county clerking, railroading, banking and helping William Palmer with his city-founding plans. What will be really cool is if Howbert's grandson (age 95, also named Irving Howbert) can make it, as he did four years ago when the Old Colorado City Historical Society republished his grandfather's autobiography, "A Lifetime in the Pikes Peak Region." It's amazing to me that in the younger Howbert we have someone who actually knew (as a child) the original man - thus linking us, no worse than second-hand, to an original Colorado City pioneer.
       But wait, as they say, there's more. After we've dutifully (and happily) celebrated the founding of one of the state's oldest cities - I know, it got annexed by Colorado Springs in 1917, but arguably that never would have happened if it weren't for the over-the-top Prohibition movement - we can look ahead to the next weekend's rapid-fire activities.
       It all starts Saturday night, Aug. 20 (actually that afternoon for Mesa Springs residents going to their association's annual barbecue) with the Sock Hop in Bancroft Park. Then, simultaneously on Sunday, Aug. 21, will be the Car Show on closed-off Colorado Avenue and the Historical Society's Cemetery Crawl at Fairview Cemetery.
       It's a good thing we'll all be used to the avenue being closed because the next day, the 22nd, it will happen again. For bicycles this time, as the Prologue for the first-time USA Pro Cycling Challenge will give us some of the world's top riders, blasting down the avenue. Did I forget anything? Oh yeah, the chance for amateurs to pay $750 to ride the Prologue course one time, just before the race. Let's do it together. Don't worry. I'll be right behind you.

- K.J.