Infrastructure needs are ‘obvious’
       Excellent coverage of Manitou Springs' efforts to study the “no man's land” located east of Manitou Springs (in Aug. 4 Westside Pioneer). I appreciated your astute editorial reminding readers to consider what and who might be displaced if and when the area is redeveloped. Truly dynamic communities offer more than aesthetics - they provide opportunities for all types of people to plant roots and grow.
       And while it is true that I find some of Manitou's “rundown” character (and characters) charming, the infrastructure needs at the city's eastern edge are too obvious to ignore. So, I embrace the efforts of the Manitou Springs Economic Development Council to study the eastern corridor. I know your paper will follow the process and report back with the depth and honesty that makes the Westside Pioneer such a valuable source of information on Westside issues.

Aimee Cox
Manitou Springs