A horse with a name

Jessica Placzek, 14, winner of the Westside Pioneer’s filly-naming contest, pets Chinook, the horse she named, during a visit to Promontory Point Open Space last week. The filly belongs to the McGinty family, who are long-time Westside residents. In the background are Kelsey McGinty, 13, and Dakota, one of the McGinty’s three horses. Kelsey chose Placzek’s as the winning submission out of more than 30 that were sent in. The contest ran from July 14-25. Placzek won two one-hour trail rides from the Academy Riding Stables on the Westside. The naming contest came about after Kelsey’s parents, T.J. and Sue, had to go to City Council last May to regain the right to take their horses up to Promontory Point.

Westside Pioneer photo