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District 11 schools - including 10 on Westside - to reopen for 2015-16 year

Christine Bauers (left) president of the PTA; and Pam Rogers of the Boosters Club, were meeting and greeting families of students registering at Coronado High School Aug. 11. Both entities, which work to enhance the student experience, welcome volunteers. Bauers can be reached at christinebauers@hotmail.com. The Boosters Club sells school T-shirts and other mementoes and sets up at sports events and other student activities.
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       District 11 public schools will open to students for the 2015-16 year Tuesday, Aug. 18.
       Significant changes on the Westside are a new principal (Shalah Sims) for the West Campus (see Westside Pioneer article) and an expansion of the areas served by school buses.
       The latter is a result of decreasing the walk for all grade levels by a half-mile, according to District 11 spokesperson Devra Ashby. The new walking distances are 2 miles maximum for high school, 1 for middle and 1 for elementary, she said.
       Families who are eligible to ride are being notified by the D-11 Transportation Department, she added. Anyone with questions can call 520-2940 or e-mail transops@d11.org.
       Going into the school year, below are brief capsules on each Westside D-11 school (principal's name in parentheses). Probable enrollment numbers are estimates based on last year's ending numbers.
       Bristol, 890 N. Walnut St. (Manuel Ramsey), 328-4000. Probable enrollment: 220. Type of school: Traditional, with emphasis on the arts.
       Howbert, 1023 N. 31st St. (Deb Hawes), 328-4200. Probable enrollment: 310. Type of school: Traditional.
       Jackson, 4340 Edwinstowe Ave. (Sara Miller), 328-5800. Probable enrollment: 470. Type of school: Traditional.
       Midland, 2110 W. Broadway St. (Jeremy Cramer), 328-4500. Probable enrollment: 175. Type of school: International Baccalaureate (IB).
       West, 25 N. 20th St. (Shalah Sims, with Assistant Principal Noel Wilson), 328-4900. Probable enrollment: 350. Type of school: Traditional.
       Buena Vista, 924 W. Pikes Peak Ave. (David Brilliant), 328-4100. Probable enrollment: 235. Type of school: Montessori.
       Holmes, 2455 Mesa Rd. (Rob Utter), 328-3800. Probable enrollment : 700. Type of school: Traditional.
       West, 1920 W. Pikes Peak Ave. (Shalah Sims, with Assistant Principal Karen Newton), 328-3900. Probable enrollment: 280. Type of school : Traditional.
       Academy ACL, 2510 N. Chestnut St. (Nikki Myers), 434-6566. Probable enrollment: 280. Type of school: Emphasis on gifted students. (Note: Academy ACL will open Aug. 17.)
       Coronado, 1590 W. Fillmore St. (Darin Smith), 328-3600. Probable enrollment: 1,520. Type of school: Traditional.

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(Posted 8/11/15; Schools: General)

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