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A lady with an umbrella - not a bad idea considering the roughly 90-degree heat earlier in the day - walks past a line of classic vehicles during the 24th annual Good Times Car Show in Old Colorado City Aug. 16.

Wheel photos: Nearly 400 vehicles in Good Times Car Show Aug. 16

A 1923 Ford Model T Speedster gets a close look from Car Show attendees. The owner's name was listed as Dave Rasmussen.
       Just under 400 cars shone on display in Old Colorado City Aug. 16 for the 24th annual Good Times Car Show.
       Representing car-manufacturing, restoration and customization from present times to the early 20th century, the free six-hour event offered cars parked for review between 23rd and 27th streets. Up to 425 cars could have been allowed, but reports of possible rain (and a few drops did fall later in the day) discouraged some people from outside the region, a spokesperson said.
       Among the vehicles was a 1982 DeLorean which, to the casual passerby, might have been driven by Marty McFly for the famous "Back to the Future" movie series. That's because a replica of the movie's "OUTATIME" license plate was sitting in view, as was a seemingly real California driver's license sporting the face of McFly (actor Martin J. Fox).
       In actuality, the car belongs to Loran Smith, a former Army master sergeant and District 11 teacher. He said he bought it new (from the local Perkins dealership) in part because he liked the unique "gull wing" doors (although he admitted he's hit his head on them occasionally).
       A professor in the university masters program he was then taking advised him against the $18,000 purchase because of the way new cars usually lose value.
       Except that when the "Back to the Future" movies came out (between 1985 and 1990), the value of DeLoreans went up, Smith said.
       It's a fairly rare vehicle. Named for its creator, John DeLorean, who died in 2005, just 8,500 were built at the plant in Ireland during its two years of production - 1981 and '82.
       Although he didn't cite the first-name similarity as a reason for buying the car, it's obvious that Loran Smith has fun with it. The car's actual license plate reads "DLORAN."
       He is a member of the DeLorean Owners Association, 3,000 members strong.
       Smith has pampered his ride. Driving it mostly just to shows, he's put only 19,000 miles on it over his 33 years of ownership.
       He was ready for the obvious reporter question: What happens when the car hits 88 mph? "You go back to the future," Smith laughed.
       Another eye-catching set of wheels at the Car Show was a customized 1927 Ford Model T with a bright blue paint job that was not likely to have been available at that point in time (when Model T's only came in black).
       Kevin Dassero and his family were there with the car, but he credited his father Tim for leading the restoration effort after finding it (just the body) 35 years ago in a local creekbed. The custom work includes a V-8 engine (small-block 350), and Kevin has since added power steering and power brakes so his dad would have an easier time driving.
       The event was sponsored by four area car clubs: Colorado Cruizers, Pikes Peak Corvair Club, Rocky Mountain Mustangers and Southern Colorado Mopars. The $25 fee paid by entrants covered event costs, with proceeds going to the Canine Companions for Independence, a national nonprofit that provides trained dogs for people with disabilities.
LEFT: Loran Smith stands beside his 1982 DeLorean during the Good Times Car Show. He bought it new that year. Nowadays, he mostly keeps it garaged except for occasional car shows. Smith also displayed on the back seat a personalized poster board from several years ago ("when I still had hair") along with DeLorean photos, and he provided a handout with answers to commonly asked DeLorean questions. RIGHT: In his car during the Aug. 16 show was a replica of Doc's license plate from the "Back to the Future" movies that featured a time-traveling DeLorean, plus an authentic-looking driver's license for Marty McFly (actor Martin J. Fox).
This was the scene in the 2400 block of West Colorado Avenue (looking west) during the Good Times Car Show Aug. 16.
Car Show attendees browse a line of cars in the 2300 block of Colorado Avenue.
Fords on parade. LEFT: A customized 1927 Model T (Kevin and Tim Dassero) is at left. Next to it is a 1930 (Michael Peregrin). RIGHT: Another '27 Model T (Judy Dewar).

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