ODES TO THE CODES: Garbage in/out

By Mary Jane Lujan

       This week's code article is about public health and sanitation. GARBAGE is defined as waste material resulting from the preparation, cooking and or consumption of food or waste material from the handling, storage, preparation and/or sale of foodstuff excluding food processing waste material from canneries, slaughterhouses, packing plants or other similar industries and further excluding large quantities of condemned food products.
       Garbage MUST be stored in a refuse container and removed WEEKLY. A refuse container is made of galvanized metal or other suitable material which has a tight- fitting lid and /or is watertight and capable of containing all refuse & rubbish normally produced between pick-up periods, and which is tightly secured to ensure that no possible leakage or spillage from the sides, top, or bottom of the container shall occur.

Mary Jane Lujan is a city code enforcement officer. Call her with questions at 444-7873.