Fall now seen for installation of pavilion at Bear Creek Nature Center

       The schedule to install an educational/recreational pavilion outside the Bear Creek Nature Center has slipped about half a year. The key reason was El Paso County Parks checking with the Regional Building Department shortly before construction was to start this spring, only to discover that the agency would require more detailed preliminary information than Parks had anticipated.
       “One of the snags was that the Bear Creek area has not been platted,” explained Glenn Aguilar of County Parks, who is the project manager. “Anytime you do anything there, you have to act as if nothing has ever been there.”
       The hope now is to obtain Regional Building's go-ahead within a month. Everything else is ready to go, including the pavilion, which was ordered through a company and will be assembled on site. Construction itself should take about three weeks, Aguilar said.
       The open-air structure, to be located a few hundred feet away from the main Nature Center building and next to a park trail, will be similar in appearance and size to the public pavilions in Bear Creek Park, with a 36-foot-diameter hexagonal roof over a concrete pad, 10 picnic/activity tables, and water and electricity. More than half of the roughly $80,000 purchase price was paid through fund-raising by the non-profit El Paso County Parks Naturalist Docent Organization, with the remainder coming from grants.
       The Nature Center is at 245 Bear Creek Road, in Bear Creek Regional Park.

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