‘Save the pond’ favored, but not unanimously at Red Rock meeting

       A “save the pond” proposal for Red Rock Canyon gained an average support of 8.1 on a scale of 1 to 10 at a master-plan meeting for the Westside open space Aug. 1.
       How that score will affect the proposal - which is to refill the pond and keep it that way - was not stated at the meeting, but other master-plan get-togethers are scheduled at the Westside Community Center Aug. 22, Sept. 5, Sept. 11 and Oct. 24.
       The Friends of Red Rock Canyon had suggested the idea, based on aesthetics and a concern that if the pond continues drying up - as it has been doing for the past several years - more wildlife might start crossing Highway 24 to get to the next nearest water body of size (Fountain Creek).
       The Friends plan is to fundraise the estimated $150,000 to $200,000 for a project that would include piping water up to the pond from a city main near Highway 24. Other work would involve lining the pond, installing a drain pipe from the pond just below it and improving the spillway between them. City Parks planner Chris Lieber estimated a rough cost of $5,000 a year to keep water in the upper pond on a continuing basis.
       The water bodies are both man-made, by the Bock family that lived on the property for about 80 years before the city bought the 789-acre parcel in 2003.
       In any case, some upgrades are needed there eventually, Lieber explained, because the ponds now are illegally storing water that belong to downstream users.
       The save-the-pond support was tabulated by averaging scores from subgroups (of four to six people each) that were designated from the seven tables at the meeting. An assumption was that the money would become available. While some in the subgroups felt that an always-full upper pond would be an amenity, the average score of 8.1 resulted from others raising questions about the pond's artificiality, potential erosion from the work, long-range costs and potential liability.

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