District gives City Parks liaison a stylish send-off

       “There once was a man from the City/ whose leaving we find a pity/ so we are keeping our Ric/ in the form of a brick/ forever in Old Colorado City.”
       The above limerick by Judy Kasten added a literary touch to a surprise farewell party Aug. 1 in Bancroft Park's Garvin Cabin for Ric Geiman, who has been the City Parks liaison to the Old Colorado City Security & Maintenance District Advisory Board since 1995.
       A 26-year city employee, Geiman is retiring as of Aug. 15. He owns a sport climbing shop in Colorado Springs. His city position, which takes in seven special improvement districts in all (two of them on the Westside), will be filled by Dan Gieck, a Westside resident and Manitou High School graduate.
       “I like Old Colorado City,” Geiman said before the party, which followed a regular board meeting.”The board members are great people to work with. And that's the part of town I like, with its character and history. I like being part of that.”
       Geiman will be a bigger part of it than he had anticipated. The limerick-referenced brick has his name on it. The board purchased it from the Old Colorado City Historical Society (OCCHS), as part of an OCCHS fundraising effort in which name-bricks are placed in the History Center courtyard. “That way we'll get to keep walking all over him,” joked Kasten, the chair of the Advisory Board.
       Another unique present was from Dave Porter, whose tenure as the district's one employee goes back 21 years. Using spare parts from the original “pawnbroker” street lights that the district had phased out of use in recent years, Porter built Geiman a 6-foot-high working model of one such three-headed light.
       Using taxes collected from about 100 properties in Old Colorado City, the district maintains or installs public improvements along the avenue between 24th and 27th streets. City Parks is the ultimately responsible city department.

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