Westside schools:
Summer school blasts off

       A Washington Elementary summer school class culminated July 31 with a simulated space mission through the Challenger Learning Center.
       The 12 students in grades 3-5 were attending the "brain academy," an optional four-week, four-hour-a-day class intended to refine thinking skills, according to Gracie Wright, Washington's teacher for gifted students.
       Helping teach the class was Ginny Boudreau, the school's literacy resource teacher.
       Training for the simulation - called an "e-mission" because the students networked to the Learning Center from school computers - had involved 11 lessons during class time. Even though the simulation itself (saving a lost ship) took nearly three hours, the children stayed focused, Wright said. "There's not one kid who's not interested in space," she summed up.
       She thanked Carol O'Leary of Challenger for helping organize and fund the e-mission.
       Colorado Springs School District 11 has announced the income levels that will be used this year in determining the eligibility of children for free or reduced- price meals served under the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs.
       For example, for students from a family of four, the school will provide free meals if the income is no more than $27,560 or reduced-price meals if the income is no more than $39,220.
       Application forms are available at the schools throughout the year.

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