Use variance sought at old church so salon can continue

       A proposed variance would let a beauty salon continue in what was originally a church building at 2230 W. Pikes Peak Ave.
       The request is an offshoot of a neighborhood meeting last March, at which owners Hale and Sarah Kendall (who bought the property last year) explained that initially they had not realized a salon use was not permitted in the area's R-5 zone. Their neighbors welcomed them, but urged a use variance rather than a commercial zone change to avoid long-term adverse impacts to surrounding residential character.
       The Kendall family members use one part of the 3,500-square-foot building for their living quarters and another part for their Perfect Angels salon consisting of five styling stations and esthetician station, they explained at the neighborhood meeting in March. They said then (and the application does as well) that they have no plans to expand.
       “We just want to do what what we've been doing and have happy neighbors,” said Hale Kendall in an interview last week.
       At the meeting, the Kendalls also described improvements they had made to the building and 10,000-square-foot property.
       Built in 1940, the church building has a gym-like interior with a hardwood floor (partitioned now for the salon), which had been the home of a ballet company until two years ago.
       According to one long-time resident, a church sanctuary had once been next door, at the corner of Pikes Peak and 23rd, but was torn down some years ago. The open area there is now used for salon parking. Hale Kendall noted that part of meeting city requirements for the variance is changing the parking lot alignment to create four more spaces, which will require relocating a flower bed.
       The formal variance request to the city is by architect David Oldham on behalf of S&H Investments Inc. The Planning Commission will need to approve the request, according to Heather Rose of City Planning. The City Council-appointed group meets monthly. No date has yet been scheduled.

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