Postal team flip-flops on Antares

       A day after the July 30 Westside Pioneer article on a U.S. Postal Service study about eliminating stations to save money (“West End station seemingly dodges closure”), the study's Denver-area postal project team held a previously unscheduled meeting, resulting in a reprieve for the Antares station (at Uintah Street and Circle Drive).
       According to previous information from area postal spokesperson Ron Perry (as reported in the July 30 Pioneer), the Antares station had been put on a list for eventual closure from an original list of 16 in the Postal Service's Colorado-Wyoming District. Also among the 16 had been the West End station at Cucharras and 25th streets. But with Antares closing, West End was to fall into a “secondary list,” unlikely to be reconsidered again soon, Perry was quoted as saying in the Pioneer story.
       However, the project team “changed their minds” about Antares at its July 31 meeting, Perry said this week. The team was swayed by the station's strong revenue stream (it's located near the Citadel Mall), as well as the belief that closures elsewhere in the district would be sufficient for now, he said.
       The main reason Antares had been proposed to the project team (by Colorado Springs Postmaster Greg Penson) was because its property and building are not owned by the Postal Service, Perry said. Local postal officials are not keen on renewing the lease, which will run out in 2013, he elaborated, because of the building's half-century age and repair needs.
       The West End station's building is about the same age, but is owned by the Postal Service.
       If any change were to be made in the future on the Westside, as Perry outlined in the July 30 Pioneer article, it would be to consolidate West End's retail service into its carrier operation, which had moved into a new building at Robinson and 25th streets five years ago.
       However, the decision to retain Antares apparently does not mean West End is more exposed to closure than before. “If they [the project team] wanted us [Colorado Springs] to submit one office, we'd probably look at Antares again, because of the lease,” Perry said.
       In any case, also as Perry stated July 30, no closure would occur overnight at any station selected for closure. There would be surveys of the station's users, followed by an approval process at the federal level.

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