Car Show returns to Old Town Aug. 16

       Weather permitting, the annual Good Times Car Show will line Colorado Avenue with 400 or more cars Sunday, Aug. 16 between 23rd and 27th streets.

The engine compartment for a customized 1957 Chevrolet was on view during last year's Good Times Car Show.
Westside Pioneer photo

       Cars from as early as 1928 and as recent as 2009 have signed up for the event, which closes off Colorado Avenue for those four blocks, according to Car Show spokesperson Kathy Quatkemeyer, who is organizing the event with Pam Campbell. In between those years will be original, restored and modified cars and trucks of various makes and models from around the region. The vehicles will be vying for trophies that will be determined by judges in 10 categories.
       Free and open to the public, the show is sponsored by four car clubs - the Colorado Cruizers, Cruisin' Mamas, Rocky Mountain Mustangers and the Southern Colorado Mopars. Proceeds from the entrants goes to Canine Companions, a national nonprofit that provides trained dogs for people with disabilities.
       This is the 18th year for the Car Show, with all but the first three in Old Colorado City. “It's an ideal place for a car show,” said Quatkemeyer, whose family will be bringing a 1950 Chevy and 88 Mustang convertible of their own. “There's so much to do there.”
       After an event record of 390 cars in 2007 (a result of adding the 2300 block), rainy weather dropped last year's total to 276. This year, “if the weather cooperates,” Quatkemeyer said, “we'll have at least 400.”

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