Directory, online ads now available at Pioneer website

       Banner ads and a directory of Westside businesses are the new additions to the Westside Pioneer's website, as a service to advertisers and their customers.
       Banner ads, available in various sizes and spots, are available on nearly all pages of the website. Prices vary based on positioning, and up to five ads can exist in the same spot thanks to a randomized ad rotator. Ads rotate once every 60 seconds [webmaster's note: the rotation time is now 20 seconds] and a random ad is displayed whenever the page is loaded. For detailed information on size and cost, go to this website:
       Another new feature is the Directory of Westside Businesses, a categorized list of businesses on the Westside. A listing automatically includes business name, address, phone number and a link to your website for $5 a week. If you don't have a website, the Pioneer will build you a web page for a one-time $20 fee. Also, an advertiser running a display ad in the Pioneer (printed or online) will receive a directory listing free of charge.
       According to Pioneer Techno Guy Travers Jordan, “Our website is currently generating more than 300 hits a week, and the numbers are climbing. Get your ads out there today!”
       The web site also contains archived news stories/photos and information about print advertising (display and classified). There is no charge to view any of the web site.

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