Gardening book to help with scholarships

       A Taste for Gardening, a 150-page, illustrated book containing gardening information and cooking recipes, has been published by the Manitou Springs Garden Club.
       Text includes essays and tips by locally known master gardeners, including Kim Dorsch, designer of The Cliff House gardens; and Cheryl Conklin, teacher of landscape design at Pikes Peak Community College; and Becky Elder and Sandra Knauf, who write for area publications.
       Recipes include Garden Club members' favorites as well as selections from several popular local restaurants.
       A significant portion of proceeds will go to college scholarships for Manitou Springs High School seniors, said Knauf, a Westside resident. We give one to three scholarships a year at $350 each and are hoping this book will generate enough revenue to give a lot more. If it proves very successful, I would personally like to pursue extending scholarships to outside Manitou Springs.
       About half of the Manitou Springs Garden Club membership this year is from outside Manitou, and most Colorado Springs members are from the Westside area. The people who have been most involved in this particular project all reside on the Westside!' Knauf said.
       The first printing has 300 copies, and an order has been placed for a second printing.
       The full-color cover art is by nationally recognized film maker, photographer and watercolorist Mary Helsaple of Colorado Springs.
       Books are available without mark-up from several local gardening businesses.
       For more information, call Knauf at 473-9237.

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