Thorndale garden is Springs in Bloom finalist

       A Westside public flower garden is a finalist in the city's Springs in Bloom program.
       The 396-square-foot plot, at the southeast corner of Thorndale Park, was planted with flowers and has been tended since May by the “Family and Friends of Genny.” The group is headed by Westsiders Karen Sucharski and her mother, Lee Gray. They named the plot after Karen's daughter, Genny Sucharski, who was killed in a car accident four years ago.
       Springs in Bloom, started this year, found volunteer individuals or agencies to adopt all 104 public gardens that had been tended by City Parks until this year's budget cuts. Adopters had to buy their own flowers, do the weeding and augment the city's watering, as needed.
       The Thorndale garden is one of five finalists in the program's “individuals” category. City Council is slated to choose the winners at its meeting Tuesday, Aug. 10.

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