EDITOR’S DESK: On candidates and online

       Alert readers (aren't you all?) will already have noticed that the responses from the two Republican District 3 county commissioner candidates differ radically in length. For the record, I asked both Jack Gloriod and Sallie Clark to write up to 200 words on each question. Some of you may already be thinking it, but I'm going to say it out loud: Clark wrote more because she has more to say. Did you see what Gloriod wrote about Section 16? If I didn't know better (actually, I don't), I'd say he has no clue what or where Section 16 is or how the conservation trust fund works in Colorado. The real classic is his answer to the question about ensuring the Westside's small-town feel. “I will work closely with the Manitou city government to insure harmony in our efforts to care for the citizens of the Westside”? Indeed. Did the boundaries of Manitou Springs expand one night to Limit Street?
       Anyway, at risk of repeating myself from a column two weeks ago, this paper strongly recommends Sallie Clark to all you Republican voters. She knows what's going on, and when she doesn't, she digs until she finds out. You tend to like that in an elected representative...
       Page 1 has a story about our new online services. We hope those of you with electronic capabilities find them to be commercially useful options. But please don't get the idea we're swerving away from a printed newspaper. No way. Our techno guy may not agree, but to this old newshound, there's a sense of getting out to the community, when we deliver each issue to our racks, that could never be replaced by just having stories online.

- K.J.