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Letter: Goodwill's 2300-block changes 'better than the last 20 years'

       The objection by Dave Hughes is partially correct [in reference to Goodwill planning a fleet-maintenance facility in the 2300 block of West Colorado Avenue - see Westside Pioneer article and Hughes' letter in response.] The present appearance of the site is ugly; however it is better than the last 20 years of the heaps of donated garage-sale items that were there before: Many things are missing, and it has improved.
       Gone is the 24/7 noise of the trucks rolling in and out. Gone is a multitude of vehicles parked in front of my house. It's almost eerie that I can park in front of my own house now. Gone is the smell of the diesel trucks. Gone is the congestion of commercial traffic on the residential street.
       The decision of not putting a Kum & Go across the street is still good in my book. I'm really thinking anyone who considers putting a 24/7 convenience store across the street from where they live and breathe must not like to sleep at night, nor peace and quiet.
       When I moved here, there were six houses and a park. I bet most people have houses and parks across from them, why can't I? I was here first.

       Jerry Tolve

(Posted 8/5/14; Opinion: Letters)

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