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Letter: Old Colorado City History Center not alone in vagrant problem

       The Old Colorado City History Center [see story] is not the only area with a pooping problem.
       Here at the Old Town Plaza, 25th Street and Colorado Avenue, we are seeing the same thing in the alley behind our building. We are looking into putting up cameras.
       I have heard the same complaint from businesses across and down the street. It would be nice to get some pictures so we could turn them in to the police.
       A couple of the “suspects” are the panhandlers that frequent the avenue who have been spotted coming from the alley(s). One is a young woman and another is a middle age man with a gray beard carrying a backpack. If all the merchants kept an eye out, perhaps they could be caught.
       There must be some kind of law against this.
       If more of us complained more often, perhaps we could get better police activity cruising around. They really do need to hear from all of us or they won't know the extent of what is happening. I believe the 'offenders' are getting complacent thinking nothing is being done about it.

       Judy Kasten

       Editor's note: Rafael Cintron, commander of the Colorado Springs Police Department's Gold Hill Station, told the Westside Pioneer that information about the problem will be passed along to the CSPD's Homeless Outreach Team and to the Gold Hill officers who are assigned to the Westside.

(Posted 8/5/14; Opinion: Letters)

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