4 ArtSports trampolinists qualify to compete at world event in London

       Four trampolinists who train at the Westside's ArtSports gym have been selected to represent the United States at the November world championships in London.
       Three of them - Sam Chiacchia, Kristin Bowman and Lauren Harclerode - will compete in the World Age-Group (WAG) competition Nov. 23-26. The fourth, Ryan Roberts, has qualified in the senior elite category for double mini trampoline for the non-age-specific World Champion-ships Nov. 16-19.
       Also selected to the U.S. team was ArtSports coach Tex Womach, who will be the assistant trampoline coach, according to Mike Zapp, owner of the tumbling and trampoline facility at 780 Vondelpark Drive in Holland Park.
       Roberts, who graduated from high school in San Diego, Calif., relocated to Colorado Springs a few months ago after his coach there, Doug Boger, became an assistant coach at ArtSports, Zapp said.
       For the WAG event, Chiacchia will be one of a pair (his partner is from Illinois) in the age 15-17 synchronized competition; and Kristin Bowman and Lauren Harclerode will each compete in the age 15-17 double mini trampoline event.
       Chiacchia has trained at ArtSports for eight years and Bowman seven. Harclerode started with the gym two years ago, Zapp said.
       Chiacchia and Bowman both have international experience, with the former having taken a bronze medal in synchronized at last year's WAG event in France and Bowman just missing out with a fourth place in double mini.
       Chiacchia and his synchronized-tramp partner, Sean Sergeant of Illinois, recently took first place at the Canadian Cup in Alberta, Zapp said.
       At the July 10-15 National Trampoline & Power Tumbling Championships, five ArtSports athletes placed in the top 10, including Chiacchia and Bowman.
       Under USA Gymnastics rules, the national event's competition was subdivided not only by age groups but by skill levels (higher number means higher skill). The ArtSports champions were:
       TRAMPOLINE - Dominic McCarron, age 11-12/Level 9; Sloan Connor, 17 and over/Level 10; and Logan Weissman, age 7-8, Level 6.
       DOUBLE MINI - Paige Howard, age 13-14/Level 9; and Weissman, age 7-8, Level 6.

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