9 ‘high-priority’ Westside school crosswalks among 440 citywide

       City Streets officials are taking steps to lay “long-life” pavement markings on 440 “high-priority” school crosswalks citywide before classes start this month, according to city spokes-person Cami Bremer.
       Of these, nine are on the Westside. Four have already been worked on. Those completed through this week are Coronado High/Fillmore Street, Fil-more Street/ Grande Vista Drive, Uintah Street/ Walnut Street and Uintah Street/ 19th Street.
       Still awaiting attention are Fillmore Street/Mesa Road (2), Dirskland Street/ Edwinstowe Avenue, Fon-tanero Street/ 31st Street, Forest Hill Road/ Holland Park Boulevard. (2), and Friar Lane/ Holland Park Boulevard.
       Crosswalks are receiving either 3-M Stamark tape (which is glued down and expected to last two to three years) or a hot- applied thermoplastic coating (three to four years). These technologies are replacing painted crosswalks that generally last less than a year, according to Terry Marcum, City Traffic program supervisor.
       The cost for the tape using city crews is approximately $3.18 per square foot, while the cost to have a contractor install the thermoplastic is $3.62 per square foot, Marcum said.
       The project was a combined effort by the city and the Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority (RTA), according to Mark Saldana, a crew supervisor.
       City crews have been applying the tape in recent weeks, and a contractor will get started next week with the thermoplastic work, Bremer said. Also, City Streets is recruiting 14 city “desk-job” workers to help out Aug. 10 “for a last-minute push” in applying the long-life pavement crosswalk markings, she said.

Westside Pioneer from a press release