Chipseal work slated for Fontmore and Mesa roads

       Chipseal work by Colorado Springs Street Division crews is scheduled on two busy Westside streets between Aug. 8 and 12.
       The two are Fontmore Road from Mesa Road to 31st Street and Uintah Street from Walnut Street to 19th Street.
       According to Tom Francese, programs supervisor for City Streets, a fogseal treatment will be used on both jobs. Fogseal is a final treatment that is intended to lock in the rock chips - reducing the chances of their being kicked up by cars going more than 35 mph - after machinery lays the chips onto a coat of oil.
       Chipseal is an alternate road surface - noticeably less expensive than overlay - that extends the life of pavement that is worn but not deeply cracked, according to city information.

Westside Pioneer from a press release