Thanks for help on PV entryway
       Now that the Pleasant Valley entryway rock is in place, this project is basically finished except for some new plants and maintenance. I would like to thank each person who assisted in the rock hauling, planting, weeding and spreading mulch, but I would probably miss a name or misspell one. Also I doubt if the Pioneer would give me two newspaper pages to list them all.
       I do specifically want to thank the following:
       Pat Kaufman, a former area resident whose drawing was the original inspiration.
       City Councilman Scott Hente. Through his efforts, the City Street Department removed the asphalt and also stood the rock. Scott also got the funds through the City Manager's Office for City Parks and Recreation to continue the project.
       County Commissioner Sallie Clark and Jan Doran of CONO, who got Hente involved when I had thrown in the towel.
       City Parks Director Paul Butcher and Parks Maintenance Manager Kurt Schroder, who provided the help and inspiration, plus the dirt, rocks and plants for this project.
       Dick Wulf and the board of Pleasant Valley Neighborhood Association were deeply involved also.
       Last but not least my wife, Carol. She was the one behind me pushing and alongside me working on this.

Jim Corcoran