Students at another school cost Pike Elementary its ‘100’

       One hundred percent of the students in Pike Elementary's third-grade class tested proficient or better in reading in last spring's Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP) tests. They really did.
       Yet when the final CSAP scores were released this week, the total that showed for Pike's third-grade readers was “just” 90.
       The reason is that, under state rules, the school's CSAP scores have to include students who live in the school's attendance area but were enrolled in Bristol Elementary's English as a Second Language (ESL) program. Two of the five ESL students from Pike last year were in third grade. And neither scored proficient in reading.
       “Officially it takes it away, which is disappointing,” Pike Principal Manuel Ramsey said. “But our students did a nice job. I called my third-grade parents and told them.”
       In the future, he added, he will try to keep closer tabs on how the ESL students are doing because of the way they impact his school's scores. “It's how it's set up and I can live with that,” Ramsey said.
       Even at 90, Pike's third-grade reading score was one of the highest scores on the Westside in the '07 CSAPs. Other scores of 90 and above were tallied by Howbert, in third-grade math (93), reading (93) and writing (90); and Midland, in third-grade math (95).

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