Why the fuss? A short history on Colo. City

       Colorado City was founded Aug. 12, 1859, during the height of the “Pikes Peak or Bust” craze, by a group of investors who saw the location as ideal for outfitting gold-seekers on their way to the mining camps. Its townspeople endured and fought in the Indian wars of the 1860s, with those dangers finally gone by the time railroad magnate William Palmer founded Colorado Springs in 1871.
       Colorado City had a boom-and-bust history over the years, highlighted by the two Midland railroads, the Golden Cycle gold mill and its reputation for booze and bordellos. When its population voted dry in 1913, that wiped out the town's main industry, and a financially strapped Colorado City agreed to be annexed into Colorado Springs in 1917.
       But this did not erase the town's independent spirit. Sparked by a major revival effort led by merchants and business owners in the 1970s, the old downtown has been upgraded and a historic overlay zone, allowing tax credits for upgrades is in the works for much of the older Westside. In general, 150 years after its founding, “Old Colorado City” is gaining increasing recognition as a historic, artistic and events-oriented locale.

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