EDITORíS DESK: History is us

       History is one thing we've definitely got going for us here on the Westside. It's all around us, really. The buildings are the most obvious - many of them over a century old yet solidly built and often soundly preserved. The original Colorado City downtown - now the Old Colorado City historic shopping district - is amazingly intact. It puts Colorado Springs to shame, especially considering that it was the home of more sophisticated and elite people, don't you know, who clearly should have been smarter than to tear down so many of the grand old buildings that its founder, William Palmer, had probably once gazed upon with a favorable nod.
       But history is more than just buildings. We on the Westside are blessed to have a batch of volunteers who specialize in preserving the best of our past. Let the Pioneers' Museum archive the rest of the town; the Old Colorado City Historical Society (OCCHS) has got the Westside covered. Through its efforts, the History Center came into existence over a decade ago and carries on, without government funding, as a museum, bookstore and venue for scholarly presentations. Beyond that the society's volunteers procured a grant a few years ago that preserved the cabin Dr. James Garvin built in 1859 (which is now one of the oldest buildings in the state). And, on the sesquicentennial Founders' Day Aug. 8, next to that cabin in Bancroft Park, the OCCHS will unveil its latest gift to the Westside and the city at large: a granite monument, funded by private donations, that will summarize key aspects of Colorado City/Westside history. Really, all the Founders' Day events should be fun - a chance to revel in our little community's special history and the pride that keeps it going.

- K.J.