Planning Commission meeting on Angler’s Covey delayed a month

       Flood-plain issues have delayed Colorado Springs Planning Commission consideration of the proposed Angler's Covey retail fishing store at 21st Street and Highway 24 from August to September.
      Charlie Campbell, project architect, said the delay is because City Engineering officials “felt they couldn't review our design quickly enough to get it on the agenda. They've asked for additional information, and we expect to get that back to them within two weeks.”
      The independently owned business is proposed at the northeast corner of the intersection, just south of Fountain Creek. At 5,000 square feet, it would be more than four times bigger than the current store, which has operated on West Colorado Avenue for 18 years. The principal owner is Dave Leinweber.
      “City Engineering is tough, and they should be,” said Campbell, who designed the building for Leinweber and is assisting with the site plan. “We have to demonstrate we can protect the buildings.”
      The flood-plain design, being developed in conjunction with City Engineering, will involve retaining walls along the creek while keeping it “as natural as possible,” he said.
      Campbell remains “very hopeful” the project will eventually be approved. “It's not causing us any heartburns,” he said. “Everyone is in favor of it. We're just jumping over the necessary hurdles.”
      Planning Commission needs to vote on the project because a conditional use permit will be needed to run a retail business in the existing M-1 (manufacturing) zone.
      James Mayerl, the city's senior Westside planner, said he favors the concept.
      “I have told the applicant's team of consultants that this would be a great land use for the location, but it has to be done properly (safely),” Mayerl said. “They understand and are working on the technical issues.”
      The Planning Commis-sion, which meets on the second Thursday of each month, is now slated to look at the proposal Sept. 9.
      The proposed site, which once lay between the parallel Midland and Rio Grande railroad lines, is vacant and is not known to have ever had a structure on it.

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