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Fiddles, Vittles & Vino, July 27 at Rock Ledge Ranch - photos

The Wielands of Mass Destruction (better known as the WMD Bluegrass Band) sing a chorus during their performance on the main stage at the 10th annual Fiddles, Vittles & Vino at the Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site July 27. The family band from Black Forest includes four Wielands: Jon (middle, the dad); Wyatt (far left), age 14, on fiddle; Jackson (second from left), age 16, on mandolin; and Luke (second from right), age 12, on bass. Sam Wachtler (right), age 21, is a family friend who plays guitar in the band. WMD performed two sets during the six-hour event, as did Grass It up and Mark Gardner & Rex Rideout, with the David Grisman FolkJazz Trio playing once as the closing act.
Dancers enjoy the music of the David Grisman FolkJazz Trio, which was the closing band at Fiddles & Vittles. From left are Grisman on mandolin, his 25-year-old son Sam on bass, and Jim Hurst on guitar. A well-known California musician who was close with the late Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, Grisman was the biggest name act since Fiddles started as a Rock Ledge fundraiser in 2005. The idea was to do something "really special" for the 10th annual event, music director/banjoist Mark Gardner said in his introduction for Grisman's band. The event, which sets a limit of 1,200 tickets, sold out for the fourth straight year. All proceeds go to Rock Ledge Ranch. Grisman's show took place despite forecasts of heavy rain in that part of the evening. The rains held off until the very end of the show.
The 10th annual Fiddles, Vittles & Vino continued its tradition of having simultaneous music - on the main stage as well as the somewhat more intimate Pergola stage on the back porch of the historic Orchard House. LEFT: A baby gets an early exposure to bluegrass music, performed by Grass It Up on the Pergola stage. Three of the five band members July 27 can be seen. (The full band is in the photo that currently appears below the link on the Pioneer home page.) ABOVE: Mark Gardner and Rex Rideout perform on the Pergola stage. The area duo specialize in Old West music. This was their third time performing at Fiddles. Gardner doubled as the event emcee (and actually had "triple" duties, having previously lined up the bands that would play, including himself and Rex).
With the music from the Pergola stage easily audible at the nearby food/drink tents, Fiddles & Vittles attendees enjoy the edibles, the setting and one another. The tents had assigned spaces for different restaurants, wineries, breweries and liquor distributors. Others like them were set up near the main stage on the Orchard House's front lawn. The liquids and edibles were donated to the event by those businesses as a way of supporting the Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site. The "Vittles & Vino" aspects were organized by Club Nine, a volunteer consortium of area chefs who worked with ranch staff and volunteers in developing the event concept over a decade ago and continue to do so.
LEFT: Fiddles, Vittles & Vino attendees make creative use of hula hoops that were set out to the east side of the main stage on the Orchard House's front lawn. On the stage is the WMD Bluegrass Band. ABOVE; Sam Grisman shares a moment of humor with guitarist Jim Hurst during the David Grisman FolkJazz Trio's closing set on the main stage, while his dad (and band namesake David) concentrates on his playing.

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(Posted 7/28/14; Outdoors: Rock Ledge Ranch)

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