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Who's been stealing Old Colorado City's flowers? Call the police if you know

A whisky barrel in the 2500 block of West Colorado Avenue displays plantings of geraniums and decorative grasses, courtesy of the Old Colorado City Security & Maintenance District.
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The colorful flowers in Old Colorado City come at a price.
       That price is even higher this year, because someone(s) is stealing them.
       Jon Carlson of City Parks said July 29 that more than 300 of the 2,000-plus that have been planted in the historic shopping area have disappeared in recent weeks.
       Occasional flower thefts have happened in the past, but the current problem is "not insignificant,” Carlson said. “Shop owners are unhappy that somebody is doing this.”
       The flowers are in whisky barrels, on street corners and along the sidewalks in Old Colorado City. Carlson said the thefts have been from the whisky barrels.
       He estimated the monetary loss at about $1,500, counting materials and labor. Adding to the frustration, when stolen flowers have been replaced, those have been stolen as well.
       Carlson asked that anyone who sees such thefts occurring, or has any information about them, call the Colorado Springs Police Department. The number is 444-7000.
       The flowers that have been stolen - mainly geraniums and decorative grasses - had been planted earlier this summer by Rudy Medakovic, maintenance employee for the Old Colorado City Security & Maintenance District. The annual planting endeavor, intended to enhance the district's beauty for shoppers, is funded by revenues from a special tax paid by property owners in the district.
       Geraniums are annuals, “more expensive” than most flowers, Carlson noted.
       Located chiefly between 24th and 27th streets along Colorado Avenue, the Maintenance District is overseen by City Parks; Carlson is the Parks liaison to the district.
       Some flowers in Old Colorado City are also planted by individual merchants.

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(Posted 7/29/15, updated 7/30/15; Community Ongoing Issues)

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